Employer FAQs

Looking after our clients is as important as finding quality candidates

Some of the questions we are asked the most

We work with dozens of clients from different industries week in week out. Although each business may be slightly different, the questions are asked are likely to always be the same. We have put together a list of most asked questions with our responses below.

If you still have any questions after reading this, please don’t hesitate to contact us today or call us.

What sectors do you supply to?

Logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, Commercial

What types of staff do you supply?

Drivers, Warehouse operatives, Pickers, Packers, FLT, production Operatives, general labourer’s, Administrators, Customers Service, Operational Management

Do you provide account management?

Yes, we provide a variety of account management options to suit your needs

How do you recruit and vet your staff?

We screen and check all of our candidates through and initial telephone conversation and then a detailed face to face interview.  We have a vigorous compliance check that all candidates must pass in order to go out to work which ensures their eligibility and suitability to work in the UK

What do your customers say about you?

Reliable, effective, quick to react and very easy to work with, read our case studies page to see more

How many offices do you have?

We have 5 main locations and a number of satellite locations

What areas of the country do you cover?

We cover all of the UK

Do you use second tier agencies?

We have some partnership agreements in place in key areas of the UK that can support our operation if needed

How long have you been trading?

Since 2014

What makes you different from other agencies?

We have national capability with a local feel to our supply, the owners of the business take direct responsibility for our clients meaning they are always on hand to ensure the highest level of customer service, have a look what our clients say about us to get a feel for how we operate

How do you pay your staff?

We pay everyone weekly into their bank account

What support/back office functions do you have?

Our head office in Liverpool has a central team that gives full support to the operational team, this includes payroll, HR, Admin, Marketing and a variety of other services that enable the operators to focus on the needs of the customer

Do you train & induct your staff?

Yes,  we have a variety of training and induction models that can be applied to suit the needs of the customer

Can I visit you locations?

Of course! We welcome and encourage potential customers to visit our sites to see how we work and get a real understanding of how we can add value to your business